One of my many side hustles is corporate training. Since my background (& degrees) are in education but I have no desire to be in the classroom, I’m sticking to the field but doing in an unconventional way. Today’s WERK consisted of a corporate training at a fortune 500 company.


When I pulled up, I had about 10 minutes to spare and started to think about money. (don’t laugh) Not just money, but the fact that I was getting paid $150 to teach a seminar for one hour. Just a few years ago I was getting paid $150 per day working full time as a 3rd grade teacher. When I taught elementary, I poured my heart into it.. I gave it everything. And you know what it gave me? Not much.

Sure there was a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of pride in the impact I was having on the students, HOWEVER the coins were not there. We all know teachers don’t make much money– & please don’t mention that summer off. At the end of the day, none of it is worth doing if you’re not paid what you’re worth. [bctt tweet=”At the end of the day, none of it is worth doing if you’re not paid what you’re worth.” username=”Koereyelle”]

Now that I’m out of the paycheck prison and actually making more than my teaching salary, I have a few secrets to share about how I did it. I’m about to tell you what “they” don’t want you to know….take notes:

#1 I realized it’s not that hard to make money.

Believe it or not, making money isn’t as difficult as we’ve been led to believe! You’d be surprised by the things people actually get paid for these days. From creating power points to data entry & writing blog content– people are getting paid for seemingly simple tasks. If you’re going to do things your way, you have to figure out what you really believe about money. If you think it’s the root of all evil, you’re going to subconsciously block yourself from receiving it. If you think it’s scarce and hard to come by, you’ll continue having a hard time getting your hands on the check. Our generation is the first to reveal the truth: you don’t need a 9-to-5 to survive. I know you’re parents don’t get it and they won’t believe it until you prove it to them..but believe me when I say: It ain’t that hard to make more money! 

Still not a believer? My girl Rachel (Creator of shared a bunch of creative ways to get paid when I interviewed her for my podcast! << Listen to our conversation here >>

#2 I started leveraging my skills.

If you take a really thorough inventory of your skills, gifts and talents you’ll finally start to recognize your value. It’s easy to get caught up in what someone else is doing and forget about our own gifts. Think about the professional experience you have, the skills you picked up in college or trade school & even the ones you taught yourself through tutorials– they are all valuable! We are living in the information age and that means people will pay you for what you know and what you can do. How can you leverage the skills you have to make more money? Instead of feeling like I had to find another teaching job in a school, I found a creative way to do what I love (teach) while protecting my peace and freedom! By leveraging my skills, I’m able to make a full day’s pay in ONE HOUR. 

#3 I positioned myself to profit

One thing that I’m sure you’re thinking is “how did you find a gig that pays $150/hour?” So let me answer that now…I didn’t find it, it found me. And when you’re operating in your purpose things like that just happen. Doors swing open and opportunities poor in. But, here’s how it really happened. A girlfriend of mine knew somebody who knew somebody who needed educators and my name came up. I did one webinar, got great reviews and have been working with them on seminars and webinars (making $150/hour) ever since. Not bad…especially since there wasn’t even an application process. You see, when you’re connected to the right people you get to cut ahead in the line. How can you and your homegirls make money together?! If that’s not a part of the conversation, what are you talking about?!!

It pays to turn your friendships into partnerships! Now of course I had to be qualified before I could make more money, but it came down to being in position. You cannot be in position until you know your purpose AND create partnerships. [bctt tweet=”You cannot be in position until you know your purpose” username=”Koereyelle”]

#4 I started making my own rules

Instead of playing by the rules, I had to start creating my own! I spent far too long living my life based on what everyone else thought was “safe and secure” and stopped being so scared. It wasn’t until I really took ownership of the outcomes in my life and became more intentional with my actions, thought and decisions that things started to change. If you’re going to live out your life’s purpose and finally get paid what you’re worth– you can’t be afraid to do things differently. [bctt tweet=”If you’re going to live out your life’s purpose, you can’t be afraid to do things differently!” username=”Koereyelle”]

Whether you realize it or not, you are already equipped with every skill, gift, talent and connection that you need to make your dreams come true! Now it’s time to get to WERK!!!!