Honestly, truly…

I’m willing to bet that you read the title of this blog and automatically knew I was referencing Joanne the Scammer.  The fact that I can actually google the phrase “honestly, truly” and find over 10 pages worth of articles, memes, tweets and videos is incredible. This guy has literally made a name for himself, landed a spot on the VMAs, hangs with his favorite celebs and is getting paid to make people laugh… all things that I’m sure he loves.

honestly, truly

What’s even more exciting is that we all have the potential to do it too.

Even though you may have zero desire to become a social media celeb, you do desire something. There’s some bigger purpose you want to tap into, there’s something that you were born to do. But since there’s no such thing as an overnight success, you have to start by branding yourself. Here’s 4 ways to get started:

#1 Get Clear
You cannot sustain success unless you start off on a solid foundation. In order to really build something substantial that leaves a legacy, you have to get clear about who you are, what you have to offer and who you’re meant to reach. Understanding this is crucial, because you have to know yourself before you can sell yourself. Branden, Joanne’s Creator had to perfect the persona before he started receiving requests for appearances and getting paid….You cannot do things backwards and expect your business to be lit. [bctt tweet=”You cannot do things backwards and expect your business to be lit.” username=”koereyelle”]

2. Create a profit strategy that aligns
If you’re not making money, you’re not in business but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sell a physical product. Joanne doesn’t necessarily have a product to sell (yet) but his service now requires a fee. Information products are also an option, they take much less of an investment and you can get paid forever off of work you did one time, they are my fav. So whether you want to create a t-shirt line, start a personal training business or become a coach– you have to have a plan to get paid or there will be no profits. [bctt tweet=”You have to have a plan to get paid or there will be no profits.” username=”Koereyelle”]

3. Make a name for yourself 
Once you’ve created your profit plan, it’s time to make a name for yourself. Instead of just adding a product to your shop page and selling it, think bigger. How many funny Instagram comedians have you seen? How many of their names do you know? Exactly. If you started a cupcake bakery, brand yourself as the cupcake Queen. If you’re a graphic designer, market yourself as a brand architect. In order to make a name for yourself, you have to know show what’s unique about you. People won’t pay attention until you make them pay attention with something worth watching. [bctt tweet=”People won’t pay attention until you make them pay attention with something worth watching. ” username=”Koereyelle”]

4. Position yourself for partnerships 
It’s all about who you know AND who knows you. In order to get those next level opportunities, you have to be prepared and in position. One mistake we often make is thinking only about what we can get from someone instead of focusing on what we can give. In order to be valuable in a partnership, you have to bring value to the partnership. I’ve learned that the key that unlocks the next door is passed on by someone who sees you as worthy of entry.

The best part is that there is so much potential in you, we just have to tap into it. Throughout the 30 days that we spend on the Bossy Brand Challenge, you’re able to gain clarity about you goals. We start by setting that foundation before we get into the nitty gritty of social media, content marketing and partnerships. It’s the perfect opportunity to perfect your craft!  

Whether you’re already an entrepreneur, or just an aspiring one– this challenge is definitely going to help you gain clarity, discover your true calling and get to the coins!!!! I really want 2017 to be your year so we gotta start WERKing now!!!! <<Sign up for the challenge here>>

The November challenge starts Monday December 5th.