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Koereyelle DuBose knows all about living life on purpose. She was one of the speakers on the topic at Unapologetically Women Soulful Oasis retreat held in Negril recently, where she shared some thoughts on finding a passion for life.

DuBose’s first point of advice to the group of women at the retreat was: “Choose yourself in every area of your life.”

She shared her story of how she thought she had found the man of her dreams only to later realise that she was in an abusive relationship. She implored the participants to “choose yourself no matter what”.

She noted that when she had to walk away in the middle of planning her wedding, it took a lot of courage, but she had to choose herself. She spoke of the embarrassment she faced in having to explain to people why she was not getting married. She even thought about moving to another state (she was living in the United States at the time) but realised, “you can’t run away from your problems”.


Not only did she break free from a relationship that was not serving her, but she also walked away from a profession she went to college and spent years preparing for – teaching. By doing all of this, she was able to figure out her true purpose.

Today, she has authored two books – Werk 101 and Confessions of a WERKAHOLIC. She also runs a very successful website – ReadyToWERK.com – a branding boutique that offers classes in coaching and consulting for small business owners. The company also offers graphic design, web development and product creation services.

DuBose outlined what she calls her Dream Design Process.


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