This week I had the pleasure of hosting the Grown Woman Ish virtual conference with my girls Chef Ahki and Tonya Rapley! We focused on getting your mind right so you can really make it happen, how to heal yourself from the inside out and ways to make & save more money! If you missed it, what the hell?!

Anyway, for those of you who somehow missed out I wanted to provide you with a quick recap of my favorite takeaways and biggest lessons learned + the link to access the replays are below.

#1 Surround yourself with people who are going where you want to go, not just where you’ve been
In every situation, it benefits you to surround yourself with people who are more advanced than you..ones that can help you get to where you’re going. Whether you want to admit it or not, your friends are a reflection of you. In order to sustain success, continue to evolve and become the woman God created you to be you have to be strategic with your circle. Connect with people who add value to your life, ones who inspire you and motivate you to keep moving toward your goals. <<Get the replay here>>

#2 One thing that’s killing our community is the assumption of health
One common mistake way too many of us make is believing we are well just because nothing is “wrong.” We wait until it’s too late, until we’ve been diagnosed with a disease to seek help or try to live a healthier life. If we’re going to maintain our health, we have to learn to be our own doctor– to learn our bodies and recognize when something is wrong. There are tons of things we can do to create healthier lifestyles, we just have to start somewhere and take our health seriously.

#3 If you can stop eating one thing right now, it should be carbs
This was a shocker for me!!! I seriously could not believe that carbs are worse for you than meat AND dairy….seriously?!?!? This totally ruined my night. It was an eye opener. Apparently our bodies process carbs as sugar and that sugar damages our brains. The worst part is that all the best foods are carbs!!! Pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, everythaaaaang!!! 

#4 High savings account outweighs high credit score
When it comes down to it, nothing beats cash. God forbid there was an emergency, your credit isn’t going to save you. Sure you can charge something, but that’s money you’re going to pay interest on. If you have a savings account, you’ll be much more prepared in those situations. Although everyone’s situation is different, in most cases it makes sense to make savings a priority.

#5 Prioritize how you spend your money
One mistake so many women make when it comes to money is buying things based on the opinions or expectations of others. We are literally working like slaves to “keep up with the Jones'” and the Jones are broke at this point. We live in a consumer society that subconsciously persuades us to spend our money every single day. If we could make one change in 2017, being strategic with our spending is what we have to work on.