The thought of leaving behind job security and a steady income to step outside of your comfort zone to pursue dreams of entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart. However, in recent years the rise of fearless women entrepreneurs has been unmatched. Among this highly admired group, one businesswoman in particular that instantly comes to mind is Koereyelle DuBose.

From being a second grade teacher following her collegiate tenure, she is now teaching women across the globe from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds the essence of self-love, career development, how to create residual income, and the importance of surrounding yourself with healthy relationships, among many other lifelong gems.

Solidifying her platform, as a highly sought after international speaker, best-selling author and the creative force behind the Single Wives Club, there is no denying Koeryelle is a bona fide BOSS. After much soul searching and realizing that her previous engagement and the demands of the corporate world were unfulfilling forces within her life she made the ultimate decision to become commander-in-chief of both her personal and professional destiny.

Coined as the “Conversation Curator” her latest venture includes mentoring young women and establishing a support system for their success. After chatting with the Illinois native it’s obvious that Koeryelle DuBose has no signs of slowing down and the best is still, yet to come.


Can you briefly explain the definition of the Single Wives Club?

The Single Wives Club is an educational and empowerment organization for single women who are ultimately preparing to become wives. We consider our organization to be a self-development and support group for single women looking to invest in themselves before investing into a married union. The concept was birthed after I became engaged and shortly realized that I did not have a clue, how to be a wife and what exactly it meant to be someone else’s wife. I realized no one ever talked or taught me the definition of what being a wife truly meant and represented. From there, I saw the need to help not only myself but to also help other single women who had the goal of becoming a wife but didn’t have the personal development skills and resources to get to that point.

When talking and coaching women in terms of their dating and relationship status, what are the three biggest love lessons that you have found to be common within the millennial generation?

As cliché as it sounds, the first love lesson that I have found to be common within the millennial generation is that self-love is the foundation of all love. If you love yourself in the aspect of only accepting the best and knowing your personal value and worth, then you are able to create space for a healthy happy relationship. On the opposite end, if you do not love yourself, are not willing to set or maintain standards or make people adhere to certain standards, more than likely you are probably going to end up in a situation that is less than what you deserve. The second love lesson is that you have to surround yourself with individuals that are where you want to be. For instance, if you know your goal is to be involved in a committed relationship then you need a few people on your team that are either in a happy, committed relationship or has experience being in a committed partnership. I personally believe, sometimes we as single women only talk to other single women about relationships and if you’re constantly filling your head with the negative’s about what men aren’t doing or should be doing, eventually you will begin to believe that is all that’s out there.The third love lesson that I’ve consistently found to be true is that I honestly believe everyone within our [millennial] generation is rushing to achieve specific goals. Whether it is becoming married by a certain age, having a baby, purchasing a home or figuring out career paths, whatever the case or scenario may be, there is always someone pressuring us to do something. Nine times out of ten if you try to force something it is not going to work. Please understand although time waits for no one there are many instances where things do not have to be rushed to meet the expectations of others. I am a prime example of this, I set a deadline of when I wanted to be married and I received exactly what I wanted but in hindsight it was not what I needed. We have to learn to be OK with the timeline God has intended for us instead of trying to force our own timeline because that’s when we end up in situations we regret.

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