It makes absolutely no sense to have 5,000 subscribers on your list if you don’t know how to create an engaging and effective email.

Here are my 8 essentials of an engaging email:

#1 Create a story around your topic

Facts tell, stories sell. By creating a story around your topic, you will have a relatable way to reach your audience.

#2 Use the 90/10 rule

90% of all communication should be educational, while 10% can be promotional. It’s important that you provide great free content before expecting your audience to become customers.

#3 Keep it friendly

As you write your email, pretend that you’re talking to a girlfriend. Smile as you write and your energy will transfer to your subscribers. They will literally believe you’re talking directly to them.

#4 Don’t give away all of the goods

You always want to leave your readers wanting more. Instead of giving away all of the content in the actual email, you want your subscribers to click through to your site or shop.

#5 Secure the bag with the subject line

33% of readers decide whether they’ll open your email based on the subject line alone. Don’t be afraid to be funny, use slang and allow your brand voice to shine through.

#6 Keep it short & sweet

People hate reading. Period. Your job is to get to the point without losing the interest of your reader.

#7 Time is of the essence

Hands down, the best day to send emails (based on all studies) is Tuesday. You can gauge the best time of day based on your Instagram statistics — if you have your facebook business account you can check your statistics on the IG app to decide the best time of day to send your emails.

#8 Proofreading is profitable

You always want to create a professional appearance for your brand and proofreading is one guaranteed way to maintain your image.

In my free email marketing basics training I went waaaay deep on these 8 essentials and also shared 10 types of email to send your subscribers besides your boring newsletter.

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