A few days ago, news broke that everyone’s favorite little man (Kevin Hart) stepped out on his “rib.”

***insert eye roll here***

As much as I hate it for Lil Kevy, his bad choices don’t change my check. 

Even though I’d love to spend the day digging through the memes and reading the blogs (don’t judge me) I’d much rather invest my time in using my social media to make money.

At the end of the day, the scandal isn’t really going to stop his success… so why should you waste your time worrying about it?!

By minding my business on social media, I’ve been able to:
√ get booked to speak Internationally
v sell books to countries I’ve never been to
connect with celebs, politicians, and influencers
√ sell out a 7-city tour
√ generate over six figures online

and if you start minding yours and focusing on what’s for you, you can do it too.

This week I’m releasing a new course: making a name for yourself on social media and I’m covering:
•setting up your profile to secure the bag
•why content is king and how to create it
•how to engage your audience and turn them into your tribe
•using partnerships to promote your brand + get paid 
•managing the madness (how to handle it all)

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I’m excited to help you build your influence and make money online!!