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I think we can all agree that. the transportation industry has become quite the hot hustle over the last few years! This week you get to meet Casey Cooper, a top Female Fleet Owner who’s showing the black community how to build their trucking business! She’s also putting us up on the federal contracting game! So get your notebook ready because episode 150 is full of gems!

“I believe in bringing you closer to the conversations that we have been left out on. While giving you access to the resources that you didn’t know was out there.” -KOE 
[1:15] Intro to Casey
[1:54] How she turned 1 truck into a 6 million dollar contract 
[2:59] Life before the Glow Up
[4:19] Success took 10 years of struggle 
[6:45] Money allows you to buy your freedom 
[7:49] Woman owned businesses need a buffer 
[12:50] Getting Started with Less than 5k
[14:20] Trucking Tips & Tricks 
[16:32] Ownership is NOT a requirement to make $$
[18:37] Misconceptions & Myths about Trucking 
[19:53] Selling Services to the Government vs Social Media 
[22:02] Opportunities Come with Confidence 
[24:10] Going From Black Sheep to Golden Child

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