3 Life Changing Lessons Every Woman Must Learn

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the “Support Your Girlfriends” Weekend in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

This 4-day getaway served as a much needed weekend of relaxation among women who wanted to create a supportive community. It was hosted by Tene Nicole Public Relations at the exquisite Moon Palace Resort where we were wined and dined with unlimited luxuries from complimentary bottles of champagne each day to 24 hour room service.

Although we came together to connect professionally, we naturally established personal relationships as well. It was amazing to see how women from so many backgrounds, ages and professions had so much in common.

There were so many amazing memories made at the Moon Palace and tons of lessons learned. Being an Educator at heart, I’m always looking for lessons that I can apply and share. These are my top 3 takeaways that my young 30 somethings can relate to:

#1 Me time is a necessity, not a luxury

It’s super easy to get so caught up in your to do list that you forget to take care of yourself. If we’re not running around like crazy with a jam packed calendar, we actually start to wonder if we’re doing enough. This weekend away really showed me the importance of pausing. Pausing to reflect on your circumstances and hit the reset button so you can remain focused on your priorities. With so many of us wearing so many hats and being so much to so many people, this time away was much deserved. 

My challenge to you: Take time for yourself at least once a week for a “solo date.” You don’t have to spend a dime to do something to celebrate yourself. The more you invest in you, the better you’ll be for everyone else.

#2 You can learn something from everyone

If you pay close enough attention, everyone you encounter will teach you something. Whether they help you discover something new that interests you, introduces you to a new perspective, shares a contact or even if they just uncover something that annoys you– if you pay attention you can learn something. Sometimes we get so caught up in creating perfect lives online that we forget to engage in our lives offline. 

My challenge to you: Be present. Put your phone down. Pay attention. Start really engaging in meaningful conversations because they can open doors and create opportunities that you wouldn’t even believe were possible.

You can only take advantage of them if you’re paying attention.

#3 Whoever said no new friends must not have any real friends

I love me some Drizzy Drake but he was wrong about the #NoNewFriends thing. Some of my closest connections and most profitable partnerships have come from “new friends.” People I’ve met along my entrepreneurial journey, ones who were like-minded and open to opportunities. A lot of times, our homegirls from high school don’t have the same mindset as us. No shade to them, but it’s natural and normal to outgrow certain people. Sometimes it doesn’t even come down to outgrowing anyone, you can create new relationships without getting rid of the old ones. My point is that there is power in people.

Plus, if you can do it all by yourself your dreams aren’t big enough.

My challenge to you: Be intentional about connecting with new people. You never know when or how you’ll meet your next business partner, investor or customer.

If you haven’t had a chance to getaway with your girls in a while, definitely consider a relaxing stay at the luxurious Moon Palace Resort. It’s literally the nicest resort I’ve ever been to, unlimited everything!!!! 

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Everybody loves Clair Huxtable

It’s #TBT so let’s take it waaaaay back!

Like back to the 80’s and 90’s when TV taught lessons and black families reigned like royalty… you know, the Cosby Show days!

Back in the day, we all wished we could be Cosby kids so we’d always have friends to hang with and cool parents like Clair and Cliff!

When it comes to moms, Clair set the bar super high! She was the ultimate role model for women everywhere….sassy, classy and oh so jazzy.




And boy could she read you with a smile.


So every year when it comes time to choose a WERKPraySlay Clair Huxtable Award Recipient, it’s such a tough task!

Last year we had the pleasure of honoring not one, but two beautiful women: Egypt Sherrod and Nicole Garner-Scott.

These two set the bar super high, but this year’s honoree is totally up to carrying the torch!

On Sunday, November 5th, we’re honoring Monique Rodriguez, CEO of Mielle Organics with our 2017 Clair Huxtable Award and you’re invited to join the celebration at our Big Hat Brunch!

Not only do we honor a notable wife, we also learn the good, the bad and the ugly of marriage and play a super fun game of “date him or ditch him.”

Tickets are on sale now but they WILL SELL OUT SOON so don’t miss out.

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Biggest+Best Women’s Weekend of the Year


Early Bird passes are on sale NOW for the biggest + best women’s weekend of the year!

When I first had the idea to host an empowerment conference, my goal was to bring together women from all over the country who were ready to make major moves toward their dreams.

Whether climbing the corporate ladder or aspiring to be their own boss, I wanted to share resources that empower women to go after their goals and never settle for sh*t. And I’m proud to say that’s what WERKPraySlay is all about.

WERKPraySlay is 3 full days and 5 events that will:
•allow you to mix, mingle and network with like-minded ladies
•provide practical resources to thrive in corporate America OR start your own business
•share a new perspective on dating, relationships, and marriage
•give you an opportunity to celebrate alongside other hard werking women

{Check out last year’s weekend recap here}

This year’s event lineup includes:
Friday November 3rd
VIP Mastermind Session – invite only
Glam Night Out Pamper Party

Saturday November 4th 
BYOB #BeYourOwnBoss Empowerment Conference
WERKaholic Award Celebration

Sunday November 5th
The Big Hat Brunch

You gotta be here.

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Get excited because this is going to be a life-changing, game-changing weekend!


Choose to invest in yourself. Choose to believe that you deserve better. Choose you.

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Big Hat Brunch – WERKPraySlay


And the Finale, the Big Hat Brunch hosted by the “Wives Society” was the final event of the Werk Pray Slay Weekend and of course it was absolutely FABULOUS!! The ladies, the hats and the stunning decor!!

Lighting was not on my side, shooting under non-natural lighting was extremely difficult but I did my best and captured a few great shots, check them out and enjoy…


>>Check out the full photo recap here.


Be Your Own Boss Conference – WERKPraySlay


Attending and covering the BYOB Conference for the 1st time truly was mind blowing. Inspiration OVERLOAD!! The dream team definitely out done themselves!!

I’m very selective and picky about attending conferences for many reasons. 1st off, they normally way too expensive. 2nd, the guest speakers talk about the SAME exact thing you hear on the podcasts, social media and ALL over the internet. AND, I almost never actually connect.

BUTTTTT Honey, the Werk Pray Slay Weekend BYOB Conference was a breath of fresh air. I was truly impressed. The decor was BEAUTIFUL, they had some of the most amazing speakers and the relationship readiness panel was ALL kind of DOPE!!!

Again, the entire day was EVERYTHING, the ladies looked FABULOUS and I had the BEST time capturing every moment.  Take a look at some of my favorite moments and enjoy ?

Check out the photo recap here


Glam Night Out – WERKPraySlay


Hello darlings, happy Saturday!!! I know I don’t normally post on SATURDAYS but last night was soooo amazing I had to share.

I had the pleasure of attending the kick off event of  “Werk Pray Slay” weekend, the Glam Night Out. Which is the last stop of Ms. Koereyelle’s Werk 101, Get Your Life Together Guide book tour.

The entire evening was AMAZING, the ladies looked FABULOUS and I had the BEST time capturing every moment.  Take a look at some of my favorite moments and enjoy ?


THE WERKING WOMAN img_1165img_1163img_1155img_1123-1img_1118img_1120img_1117img_1205img_1133


Check out the rest of the pics here…