We heard from 5 phenomenal women who had a touching testimony to share! Jalesa, Lea, Lakia and Patrice were so honest. They were so transparent and they made it very clear that they are not perfect. In fact, they’re no different than you!

The premise behind the conference was to show women just like YOU that you can absolutely create a life that you love, by stepping your standards up and taking responsibility for your relationships.

Most importantly though, you have to take responsibility for yourself.Up to 55% off for thousands of sammydress items, including women's clothing, women's shoes, men's clothing, men's shoes, bags, jewelry, etc.

Being a grown woman is about knowing your worth and refusing to settle for less.

It’s about knowing who you are and WHOSE you are and holding yourself accountable for greatness.

It’s about not blaming anyone else for who and what you’re attracting.

Each and every woman had a unique story to share and we took away priceless nuggets if wisdom from each one! >>> Click here to watch my Periscope recap of the conference and check out a few of my favorite quotes below. Then, click the button to get your copy of the teleconference replay!

•If your happiness is your priority, it’s up to you to make it a priority.

•You CANNOT count on anyone else for your are responsible for you.

•You have to submit to the King of Kings before you go looking for an Earthly King

•Self-Love is the center of it all..put the mirror in your face because it all starts with you

•How will you be prepared to fight for your family if you’re not even willing to fight for yourself?

•Nobody is coming to save you. Save yourself. [Get-Your-Life-Together]

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