I almost lost it when I received the notification that xoNecole tagged me in a photo yesterday…I had no idea what it was for but I couldn’t wait to find out…

When I opened up IG, I was BEYOND proud to see that I made her 11 Bad Ass Book list!!! Not just that, but I got the #3 spot!!!! Let my life be a testimony that what’s meant for you is ALREADY YOURS. You literally cannot miss it, you won’t be late for it and nobody else can have it…

You are always in the right place at the right time. No matter what’s going on in your world..no matter how hectic or stressed out or over worked or underpaid or unappreciated you feel…I am here to remind you that God’s got you covered…all it takes is one conversation, one phone call, one email, one encounter with the right person and your life can change for the better….so instead of being bitter about the way things appear to be going, keep an attitude of gratitude and appreciate how far you’ve come and don’t you dare doubt how far you’re going to go.

Click here to check out the full list and read their review of WERK101

Then, get your copy here!