In 2010, I ended an engagement that had become a toxic and abusive situation. Despite his efforts to diminish my self-esteem, I came out feeling stronger than ever; realizing that I could survive ANY situation. Afterward, I spent the next eight months on a journey of self-discovery, reading every self-help and success book I could get my hands on.

Instead of jumping back into the dating world, I really wanted to figure out my role in the disastrous relationship so that I would never make the same mistakes again. I also wanted to learn new skills so I could be more confident when I did begin to date. I decided to start with the basics- becoming a better cook. That’s when I began hosting cooking parties in my home. About 12 girlfriends and I would meet on Sundays, bringing a dish and a recipe in hopes of learning how to prepare new dishes for our future husbands. At one of these meetings, we began to discuss the need for other skills and began planning activities and hosting workshops in my living room. Once the pictures landed on social media, a business was born…

What started as a single woman searching for answers and seeking self-improvement has become an international movement, The Single Wives Club. A Single Wife is a woman who’s enjoying her single life while preparing to become a wife. We now have a membership program with over 250 women across the country.

When I look back on it all, I realize that everything I’ve experienced has added to my toolbox. Everything truly happens for a reason and the most successful Entrepreneurs are those whose profit began as a problem, the ones who have a personal lesson to teach the world based on their experiences.