Koereyelle DuBose’s passion for helping women find the men of their dreams was borne out of her own personal struggle to find Mr. Right.

The author of the “WERK 101 Get-Your-Life-Together Guide” and the founder of the women’s support group the “Single Wives Club,” was engaged to a guy a few years ago, but soon found out that her man wasn’t the person she thought he was. The relationship soured – and at one point became abusive – and DuBose said she tried to patch things up with counseling before throwing in the towel.
Even though that relationship broke down, DuBose said she still dreamt of being a wife, but she knew he wasn’t the one and she wasn’t ready either. She started looking for resources that taught women how to prepare to be a wife – not just get a man – but couldn’t find anything. So she decided to start a dating support group in her living room with her single friends, and the idea grew into the Single Wives Club, and later, her book “WERK 101.”

DuBose said women have to keep in mind that they are the prize in a relationship, and can’t settle for being just a booty call, a baby mama or a “Netflix & chill girl.” Her book teaches skills to empower women to move beyond those roles and into healthy relationships. BOSSIP spoke to the author about the top tips for women who want to grow in positive partnerships:

Tip No. 1: Love Yourself First
“As cliché as it is, self love is the beginning of everything. Self love in terms of knowing what you need, what you deserve, what you are worthy of, and not accepting anything less than that.”

Tip No. 2: Treat Yourself The Way You Want A Man To Treat You
“I think a lot of times we want a man to do all these things for us, but we’re not even doing those things for ourselves. So really, really falling in love with yourself. Taking care of yourself. Treating yourself how you want someone to come along and treat you. If you are so good to yourself, any man who isn’t going to treat you as good will go the other way. He knows your not going to allow him to not keep up with what you’re doing yourself. You eliminate that urge to settle.”


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