Welcome to #TakeCareTuesday — time to take care of your star player!!!! Last week, I shared my favorite stress reliever and this week I want to tell you about three of my favorite superfoods. 

The way our American diet is set up, many of the so called “foods” we consume have ZERO nutrients (I won’t bore you with those facts but you can learn more in WERK101) Superfoods on the other hand are power packed nutrient-rich foods that are beneficial for health and well being. So in order to maintain your health, it’s important to add some superfoods to your diet.

Quick story: When I was in college, I worked as a Pharmacy Tech (I’ve literally had EVERY job under the sun! #YouNameIt lol) Those days spent in that pharmacy made me realize that your health really is your wealth. Month after month, I’d see the same elderly people spending their entire check on prescription meds. Not just a couple dollars, I’m talking hundreds of dollars EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

Think about that.

How would you like to spend your hard earned retirement money on meds? I think not. That was a wake up call for me that nobody else was going to make sure I was healthy, I had to take my health into my own hands.

[Story Over]

Now back to the superfoods. I started incorporating these into my diet and I noticed an immediate change. These are a few of my favorites:

superfoods#1 Chlorophyll- I know you remember learning about this one in middle school science class– it contains more energy that any other food element and has the power to increase the quality & quantity of red blood cells. It also detoxes and cleans your blood. This stuff is a miracle in a bottle– but it doesn’t taste so lovely. It actually tastes just like grass in my opinion. It’s recommended that you mix a tablespoon in a glass of water when you wake up and before you go to sleep. [You can order it from Amazon here]


#2 Spurilina- If you’re a vegan then I know you’ve heard of this one because it’s considered the number one form of vegetable protein! The list of benefits is literally endless for this superfood, but it’s most known for eliminating candida, preventing cancer, lowering blood pressure, boosting energy and relieving sinus issues. Best if found in a powder form, I like to add it to my favorite smoothie recipe! Unlike chlorophyll, this one doesn’t have a taste *smile* [You can order it from Amazon here


#3 Moringa- The medicinal qualities of this superfood (like most superfoods) is endless. It’s been known to treat so many things from skin ailments to headaches to intestinal worms to ulcers, tumors, diabetes, malaria and more. This one is typically used in a powder form as well, again I add it to my smoothies and there’s NO taste! [You can order it from Amazon here


I’m encouraging you to do some major self-care today, it’s not a luxury– it’s a necessity!