As an entrepreneur, your goal is to capitalize off of every major holiday, themed month and other money-making day. So when the holidays roll around, it’s important to have a strategy in place for how you’re going to profit. Here are five quick ways to hustle harder this holiday season.

#1 Create an irresistible offer

Give people an offer that they can’t refuse. Sometimes it helps to switch gears and put yourself in the place of your potential customer. What type of special or offer can you create that you personally would be enticed by? What discount would it take to instantly make you feel obligated to buy? In order for your holiday season to be successful, you have to have an irresistible offer.

#2 Create a sense of urgency

In addition to just an amazing offer, you’ll want to put a time on it. By adding a timeframe for which your special offer is valid, you’ll encourage potential customers to take fast action. Once again, think about the type of special offers that have worked on you in the past. Have you ever taken advantage of a one day sale or received an email with an offer that ends at midnight? Of course you have! Anytime there are time limitations to an offer, buyers are more likely to take advantage quickly.

#3 Create specific goals

Often times, entrepreneurs create special offers and plan marketing campaigns without setting specific goals. In order to get to your goal, you have to have a goal. By creating a very specific goal, you can create a solid strategy to achieve it. A goal to “make $2400 during a 12 hour sale” is a much more attainable than a goal to “make lots of money.” The more specific you are, the more strategic you can be. Once you have your goal, create 3-5 action steps that will get you where you want to be.

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