So I’m writing you from Phoenix, I’m here at the Black Enterprise Women of Power conference and I wanted to drop you a quick note.

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the Legacy Awards Gala where 4 phenomenal women were recognized for their contributions to our community. It was truly breathtaking to be in the company of so many BAD ASS boss women and to witness so much #BlackGirlMagic.

There were 4 things I took away from the awards that I wanted to share with you *|FNAME|*:

#1 Don’t take no for an answer
Ursula Burns is the first black women CEO of a Fortune 500 company (Xerox) and took the power when ladies in leadership was unheard of. When she accepted her award, she made note of how much determination played a role in her dreams coming true.

If you want what you want bad enough, you’ll make a way out of no way. Don’t ever allow anyone’s no to stop you from creating your yes.

#2 Everything is negotiable
Men are brilliant in boardroom negotiations, but women often seem to fall short. One thing that you MUST know if you want to be successful and taken seriously is that you have the power to negotiate everything. 

#3 Be who you were born to be
There is something that you were born to do, some message you were born to share, a cause you were born to create..if you haven’t fulfilled your life’s destiny you are literally wasting your time. When Phylicia Rashad accepted her award, she made note of always knowing her life’s purpose and unapologetically following her dream.

Spend some time discovering what you were created to do, what your life’s mission is meant to be. 

#4 Be willing to walk away
In order to sustain success, you have to be willing to choose yourself no matter what. If a situation no longer serves you, walk away. If your circle no longer serves you, walk away. If your salary no longer serves you.

Remember that God has something more for you than what you’re currently experiencing. Even if you’re living a good life, God is ready to present you with great.

So, are you willing to do the whatever it takes to leave your legacy? 

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