Yes, you read that right.

The girl who made $32,000/year teaching just brought in more than my annual salary in just the first quarter of the year.


When I pulled my income reports and calculated how much I’d made, I actually shocked myself. 





What’s even crazier is that I’m actually doing less work now than I was then…hell, I’m doing less work now than I was just last year.

2016 was hard work, I was traveling to a new city every single month for my book tour but even though I was busy, I wasn’t “balling.” LOL. As much money as I made traveling the country, I spent just as much re-investing in my brand. And at the end of the day, I pretty much broke even.

Although the book tour was something I dreamed about doing, I was tired as hell by the end. So, I decided to do things differently for 2017. Even though I released my second book, I decided against a tour. I knew that if I worked smarter this year, I could still impact women but with less effort.

So, how did I manage to make 56K in just 3 months?

#1 Eliminate distractions

The one question everyone wanted to ask me this year was: “Are you doing another to?” and my answer was “nah.” I’ve already proven to myself I could make that happen. This year I was very intentional about what I wanted to spend my time doing. I decided at the end of last year that my goal for 2017 would be to help as many women get closer to their goals as possible. In order to do this, I literally had to dedicate myself to their dreams. I had to eliminate any and everything that was distracting me from that goal. I “trimmed the fat” and stopped doing anything that no longer served a purpose in my life. It was really important for me to stop trying to do what “everybody else” wanted me to do and focus on what I’m meant to do. This planner really helped me to prioritize my time.

#2 Delegate

This is one of the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do…literally giving over control of my baby (my brand) to someone else is hard as hell. But in order to transition from self-employed to business owner, there were tons of tasks that I had to let go of. True leadership comes down to your ability to delegate and in order to scale my business, I had to put systems in place.

#3 Offer Value

The bulk of my income this year has come from two projects: The Inner Circle and #BusyAtTheBeach. The Inner Circle is an professional mentoring program for women who want more out of life…whether it’s more happiness, more money or more positivity– my support group for success has been a major hit. Women from all over the country come together as accountability partners and I provide practical resources and masterclasses to help them achieve their goals. One thing I think my mentees love the most is their direct access to me. I can literally save them time, money and frustration by sharing my lessons learned. This month, for example, we’re focusing on how to make sales…I’m literally sharing the exact principles I use to make thousands of dollars from my digital brand.

#BusyAtTheBeach on the other hand is a girls getaway with one mission: to empower women to play as hard as they WERK! For hard working women who have dedicated their lives to building their dreams, the trip is an opportunity to celebrate their success. So, it’s no surprise that over 60 women have reserved spots for Cabo. So next year, I’m adding even more destinations to the list! By offering unique and VALUABLE programs, my audience has grown to trust me. They see my passion for what I provide and are eager to learn and grow with me.

In order to live a life that you love and create limitless income, you have to get clear on your calling. If you every find yourself feeling stuck, ask yourself:

Am I passionate about what I’m doing?

Am I solving a problem?

Am I answering a need?

Am I offering value?

Am I using my time and talents wisely?

Back when I was doing everything for everyone, confusion about my calling really started to cost me. It cost me time. It cost me money. It cost me energy.

My Q2 goal for you is to WERK smarter, not harder! {Find out how I can help keep you accountable and get to the coins.}