If I had known these three things when I started my first business 14 years ago (I can’t believe that was 14 years go!) I might just be Oprah right now…. but, my hard-headed self had to learn these things the hard way so that you don’t have to.

#1 Less is more
Y’all know me, I do it ALL. Until now…

In the past, I’ve made the mistake of trying to do everything at the same time, by myself. That led to a lot of money and time wasted and a whole lot of frustration. When I should’ve spent time discovering what I really wanted to spend my time doing. {This is why I totally revamped my website and eliminated a bunch of services} This year, I was able to triple my first quarter sales, doing only half the work I typically do. 

#2 Partnerships can be extremely profitable
Up until a few years ago, I really had the mentality that I had to do it all and do it all ALONE. That was extremely stressful. What I’ve since realized is that partnerships allow you to share resources + responsibility and typically lead to more profits. This year, I’m excited to partner with one of my favorite guys for some exciting events – details coming soon.

#3 Your influences affect your income
Boy oh boy, this was a tough lesson to learn. Trying to involve all of my friends in my business was a big mistake. It wasn’t until I started surrounding myself with like-minded people who were moving in the same direction as me, then things started to shift. It’s so funny that so many of us have to learn this lesson the hard way. – in my latest podcast episode, Stacey Ferguson shares her story of having to learn the same lesson when she created Blogalicious years ago [listen here]

Hopefully sharing some of the things I’ve gone through (and learned from) will save you time, money, energy and keep you from stressing yourself out.

One thing you should also consider is getting an accountability partner and mentor (me!) who can provide feedback for your ideas and strategies for success.  Find out how I can help.