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Most beginning business owners turn to social media when they first start out, because it’s a comfortable place for them to promote. But the majority don’t make the money they expect because they aren’t being strategic about what they share, the story they’re telling and connecting with their potential customers. In this episode, the KANG of Instagram Ashley Ann Jones shares her secrets.

“Content is King. Creating content and doing it consistently are major keys to social media marketing.”Koereyelle


This Week on Confessions of a WERKaholic:

2:58 Sharing your story will get you out of the matrix.
5:58 How to put yourself on the map
9:08 How monetizing social media made me her a millionaire
10:45 Coaching is not for the faint at heart
11:45 3 steps to go from FREE99 to PAID99
15:25 There’s Riches in Niches
20:18 2 types of consistent content you can use
26.52 Hit the Rewind to get the Recipe
27:45 One major tip for success
29:44 How to create a community
32:02 Understanding the mindsets of entrepreneurs
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