Uncloned is defined as not produced or reproduced by cloning! That is exactly what Audria Richmond teaches when it comes to leaving your mark on the world by the way you market your product, brand or services. We’re talking how to increase your value and sphere of influence! Girl…Stop Playin’

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[:48] 1st Entrepreneurial Endeavors

[2:20] Transitioning from the side hustle

[4:24] What does UnCloned mean?

[6:30] How to become UnCloned.

[8:00] I’m a Unicorn!

[9:57] Marketing Mistakes

[13:24] Clubhouse is Poppin!

[15:59] Knowing when to pivot in business

[17:35] Being different from the rest is UnCloned

[18:30] Leadership & Boundaries

[21:18] Owning Domains & Trademarks

[24:58] Let’s get personal!

[30:20] Working with your spouse

[36:05] The ups & downs of managing your team

[40:32] What are some book recommendations?

[41:42] UnCloned Systems

[43:13] Where can we find Audria Richmond?