Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, International Public Speaker and Host, Karli Raymond is the daughter of mogul Steve Harvey but also a mogul in her own right. She shares her life stories that have helped her hold herself to a higher standard.

“I was never hungry for food but I was starving for attention.”


[2:39] Never have I ever 

[5:57] How did being the daughter of Steve Harvey affect you meeting men? 

[8:52] Story of Meeting Ben Raymond 

[13:28] How did he not get friend zoned? 

[16:00] Did you apply the 90 Steve Harvey rule?

[17:47] Living Together Advice 

[19:24] Long Distance Advice 

[20:35] The Wait Advice

[26:20] Do you think you have to be perfect because of who you are? 

[31:35] How do you be present for yourself and your family 

[40:05] How did you deal with the back to back challenges of marriage and motherhood? 

[44:52] Did you ever experience postpartum? 

[50:25] How do you discipline your child? 

[53:03] What do you say to encourage the next woman?