This book is amazing! Koe really gives you something to think about and put into practice. Not to mention she gives you actual tips to help improve your brand/business. I've purchased books in the past that told me the obvious and I feel like my purchase was in vain. Not the case with this book. It challenges you and gives you step by step information on the how to's. Well done Koe and thank you!

Kia, Chicago, IL

This is a great book for young female entrepreneurs! It allows you quick, to the point guidance about where your focus should be and the space to create a plan for each action you need to take. It's an invaluable resource for newbies and a great refresher for established entrepreneurs. This book is filled with a ton of great quotes and tips that can help you rethink your approach and step up your business game. Grab your copy you wont be disappointed!

Krystle N., New York, NY