The Girl Stop Playin Podcast encourages you to stop playing with your potential + Start WERKing for what you want in live and in love! Our information and conversation will teach you how to make the money and get the honey.




Don’t Be That Friend

Don’t be that friend, Sis! Don’t be that friend who stays silent when your gut is telling you that something ain’t right. Be that friend that shows up and stands up when it’s necessary. Being a true friend means having uncomfortable conversations, even if it could change your friendship. Minding their business could save their life!


The Mind of a Marriage-Minded Man

On this episode, we are talking to Jack Daniels. He is the founder of the Goodmen’s club a platform for quality men. He is married to Marshawn Evans-Daniel and the dad of Triplet Girls. Tune in to this episode and get into the mind of a marriage-minded man!


What’s Meant For You Won’t Miss You

Have you ever felt you missed out on an opportunity and beat yourself up for it? If you answered yes, then this episode is just for you. Sometimes what we think is meant for us is not linked to our calling and we must seek God daily for redirection and clarification. Don’t lose FAITH! Remember, what’s meant for you will not miss you!


Bank With Bundles

In this episode we are talking all things Beauty from Marketing to getting it to big box brands like Target. Tune in to learn more about Bianca Rush founder of Sassy Mitchell and learn more about how she became a successful inventor and consultant in the beauty industry!


Are Your Dreams a Distraction?

Are your dreams a direct download from God or is it influenced by your environment? In this soul-stirring solo episode, I’m discussing how your dreams can be a distraction from the life God already has planned for you. Here’s a reminder that God has the blueprint & the roadmap for your life, it’s up to you to have big faith and follow Him!


How to Hire Yourself Full Time

On this episode, we are Live BABY!!!! We had our first live podcast with a studio audience in Atlanta, GA on 8/24. We had three panels (Money, Honey, and Mind of a Man). The Money Panel included Donnie Wiggins, Co-Host of the @Social Proof Podcast, and Alechia Reese.


God Did

GOD DID THAT! If you take a moment to reflect on all of your blessings, you’ll realize that God has come through many times. He has always kept His promises!


Healed Women Help Women

This is one for the books! Because healed people help people and Alechia Reese has certainly survived several seasons and is now sowing seeds into others. If you’ve been needing some good girl talk, this episode is meant for you!


Get in the Flow

Girl, it’s time to get in the flow! On this week’s solo episode, I’m giving you all the gems on how to get in the flow so you don’t have to fight your battles alone. It’s time for you to fully trust your gut instinct aka God-instinct and be obedient to the instructions He gave you. Let’s get in the flow!


Save Money On Your Taxes

Today we have Ms. Business in the building and we are learning all about pivoting in your business, choosing the right accountant, saving money on your taxes and staying out of jail!


Delayed is Not Denied

Just because your dream might be delayed, it doesn’t mean it’s been denied. I believe that God sometimes delays what we think we want because it’s really not what we need.


The Homegirl Hideout

On this episode, we are talking to Wife, Mother and Multimedia Queen Rashan Ali. You don’t want to miss out on this good girl talk that will definitely give you something to think about.

solo sermon

Unpack Your Bags

On this episode of Girl Stop Playin, I am diving into what could possibly be holding you back in life that you need to unpack! Is it your belief system? Past traumas? Whatever it is, it’s time to let it go and allow God to do what He needs to do in your life!


Believe Bigger

You can get the money + the honey if you believe bigger. On this episode, we are learning what it means to wait on your blessing and walk in your purpose.


God Don’t Like Ugly

This week I’m breaking down the U-G-L-Y in us all and to help you to let go of the things that may be hindering your blessings.

featuring sanya richards-ross

The Sprint to Success

The sprint to success with Sanya Richards-Ross x6 Olympic medalist who took on the world, motherhood, and marriage. Despite being the newest addition to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” this rockstar entrepreneur is the furthest thing from just a “housewife.”

solo sermon

It’s Cutting Season

Just because your dream might be delayed, it doesn’t mean it’s been denied. I believe that God sometimes delays what we think we want because it’s really not what we need.

featuring danielle leslie

Your Milli Is In Your Mind

Ever wanted to learn how to create a course online from scratch? Well on this week’s show you get to hear from Danielle Leslie, who went from working at Udemy to generating over 20 million in online course sales on her own and she teaches others to do the same with The Culture Add and Courses from Scratch.

solo sermon

The Glow Up

We all want the Glow Up but it cannot happen without God! On this episode of Girl Stop Playin’ Podcast, I’m laying it all out there about letting go and letting God!

featuring audria richmond

Becoming UnCloned™

Uncloned is defined as not produced or reproduced by cloning! That is exactly what Audria Richmond teaches when it comes to leaving your mark on the world by the way you market your product, brand or services. 

solo sermon

Your Assignment Requires Alignment

Your assignment requires alignment and if you’re going to get what God has for you, you’re going to become the woman He created you to be. In this soul-snatching solo episode, I am sharing words of wisdom to help you pursue your purpose.

featuring karli harvey-raymond

What’s Your Worth?

Karli Raymond is the daughter of mogul Steve Harvey but also a mogul in her own right. She shares her life stories that have helped her hold herself to a higher standard.

solo sermon

I Just Don’t Play About Me

On this episode, I’m breaking down what playing yourself looks like.

featuring KEN & KOE

How Tinder Helped Me Meet My Husband

Welcome to the Girl, Stop Playin’ Podcast where we encourage you to stop playing with your potential and start WERKing for what you want in life and love so you can make the money + get the honey! In this episode, Koe sits down with her husband Kendrick to discuss dating and marriage.

featuring stephan speaks

Why Men Play Games

Mind of a Man Series continues with the coach you’ve always needed! Stephan Speaks is a best-selling author, speaker, and coach that focuses on self-love, dating, and relationships.

Hosted by Koereyelle

Koereyelle is a former 3rd grade teacher who turned her $32,000 salary into a million dollar digital brand. She’s been featured by Forbes, Black Enterprise, NBC, Fox, and Essence as an International Speaker & Multi-Media Personality for her service to women around the world.

She’s the Host of the Girl Stop Playin Podcast where she encourages women to stop playing with their potential and start working for what they want in life and in love. Koe is passionate about helping women make the money + get the honey!

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