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I love this book, I keep it in my purse when I need to refer back to a chapter,this book touch on all areas of ones daily life, I've also purchase the bundle package for my daughter and for my son's girlfriend and they have progressed 100 times better, their making moves now that they didn't have the courage to make before werk 101.

- Mekeva M.

I absolutely love my book! I think that all women need books like this that have so much variety: inspirational quotes, health & wellness tips, lessons & areas to jot down notes. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of work & effort Koereyelle put into this book. The design inside out is awesome! I love the bundle!

- Jasira M.

I love this book. It acts as a guide in my life. Because of it convenient size I keep it in my purse incase I need to refer back to it. Thank you for being an inspiration, by providing me with the boost I needed and letting me know that I am not alone in my struggles.

- Brandi W.

I purchased this guide along with Koereyelle's werk book the day after a breakup. I had always been a go-getter in the past but in during my relationship I had lost my way. This book reignited that flame for me and I haven't looked back since. Very empowering!

- Faith

I love this book. This book has made me look at myself differently and get real with myself. This was a great investment. I love the different lessons. It has help me grow more into the woman I was called to be.I also recommend taking her 5 day challenge.

- Anonymous

This book is wonderful! I'm reading it a second time and purchased the werkbook to go with it. Koereyelle is giving you all the tools and things you need to be successful and get your life together!

- Janisha

I enjoyed this guide! It has some common sense advice plus it has stuff that you never even thought of. She is straight to the point and she makes sure you stay ready so you do not have to get ready.

- Arvilla B.

Werk 101 is truly a guide to empowering yourself. This book is small enough to fit in your purse and take everywhere. I still review the lessons. Werk 101 is not only a guide it's a movement.

- Tasha S.

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